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Ann D Foster

THE ANN D. FOSTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in October 1963 by members of the family and friends of Mrs. Foster. Each year income from this fund is given in the form of Scholarship(s) to a girl or girls in the graduating class of Melrose High School for advanced education.

Mrs. Ann D. Foster joined the faculty of Melrose High School in 1943. She was a teacher of Art and subsequently became Dean of Girls. Also, she was a member of the faculty scholarship committee, a director of the Melrose Teachers’ Club, past president of MHS Parent-Teachers Association, and assisted greatly in the establishment of the MHS Permanent Scholarship Fund.

Her service in the community included serving as a Trustee of the Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the School of Nursing, President of the Mothers’ Club, and Director of the Melrose Y.M.C.A.

In the First Baptist Church she served on the Diaconate, Chairman of Christian Education, and as a teacher in the Junior Department of the Church School.

She was the wife of the late Abbott B. Foster, and the mother of Mrs. Charles W. Maslin and Dr. Stanley O. Foster.

The 1964 “LOG” published the following Memorium to Mrs. Ann D. Foster after her death on October 8, 1963:

“Mrs. Ann Foster served not only as a confidante, advisor, and friend to every Melrose High School girl but also as the epitome of courage and inspiration to all who knew her. It was impossible to know Mrs. Foster without highly admiring and deeply respecting her. Although she was seriously ill during the last few years of her life, it was characteristic of Mrs. Foster’s selflessness and bravery that she continued to serve those who loved and needed her so much. If the worth of a person’s life is to be judged in terms of her unselfish service and un-swerving sense of responsibility to her fellow man, there can be no doubt in the minds of those who knew her that Mrs. Ann Foster was one of the most invaluable of women to the faculty and the student body of Melrose High School.”

THE MELROSE HIGH SCHOOL PERMANENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND congratulates you upon receiving this memorial scholarship. The founders of this scholarship will always be interested in your plans and progress.



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Ann D. Foster Memorial Scholarship

To a girl or girls for any advanced education.

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