Christopher "CJ" Allen
Christopher “CJ” Allen

Christopher “CJ” Allen Scholarship

Christopher Shawn Allen, Jr. was born on June 1, 2002 to Christopher and Demia Allen.

Chris, affectionately known as “CJ”, spent a lot of his early years playing Pop Warner Football, including going to the National Championship in 2013. He also played Little League Baseball, basketball with MABC, and “No Books, No Ball” where he was a member of the 3-point Foundation. Chris attended St. Patrick’s School through 7th grade and then Melrose Middle School and Melrose High School. CJ participated in 2 winning football State Championship teams at Melrose High and graduated in 2020 in the midst of Covid.

In 2020, CJ started his own landscaping business, CJ’s Landscaping.  He was so excited to apply to the plumbers’ union earlier this year and learned that he was accepted while he was in the hospital.  He planned to use his business knowledge to run a successful business once he had developed his plumbing skills.  He thoroughly enjoyed his job as a valet driver, as he loved cars and people, so the position was very suiting.

CJ was best known for a personality that could light up a room and for being a genuine person. He enjoyed playing video games, attending sporting events and hanging out and traveling with both his friends and family. CJ was a model big brother and son, with a fashion sense that gave him a style and swag like no other.

CJ passed away on June 8, 2023.

Chris will be greatly missed and forever holds a special place in all of our hearts.

Christopher “CJ” Allen Scholarship

Preference to a student who is very likable and has the ability to make people happy regardless of what circumstances in their life. Maybe someone who has participated in sports or has dealt with a rare disease.

Category: All, Personal Traits, Sports, Rare Illness

Specifics: Likeable, Makes people happy, Illness, Sports

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