Deborah Hadden Gray

Deb grew up in western Massachusetts and Vermont, becoming a competitive runner and cross-country skiing instructor as a teenager. In college she studied biology and later earned a masters degree while working as an environmental scientist. Applying her learned knowledge with a ‘can do’ spirit and integrity, she succeeded professionally in the private and public sectors. Deb Was a mother first, however, raising two boys here in Melrose where she was active in volunteering with sports and enrichment programs. She loved hiking, skiing, biking, reading, gardening, and almost anything outdoors. Always the planner, she loved organizing interesting family outings and vacations to explore the state, the country, and beyond. Though she died young of a rare disease, Deb recognized that she had lived a good life, filled with many friends and experiences. She loved to smile and laugh, fully recognizing the joy and humor of life. She would be thrilled to be able to ‘pay it forward’ and help support the educational endeavors of young adults graduating from Melrose High School.