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The results produced by a man’s service and not the length of that tenure determine the quality and the lasting memories.

It is in the light of the above that Franklin W. Gavigan’s epitome must be written. His whole young life was characterized by greatness and goodness. Fine athlete in football and hockey at Framingham High School, graduate of Northeastern University in 1959 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Master’s Degree in Counseling at Boston University; he served his country as a veteran of the Korean War. After a short career in the business world, he was attracted to his original love, teaching.

He became head of the marketing department at Bryant and Stratton Junior College and coach of its hockey team with a record unequaled on that level. He became Dean of Students of that college in 1967 and held that position until 1972 when he came to Melrose Junior High School where he made his true and indelible mark–guiding students in the proper channels to ensure their whole future, counseling students in their problems, pointing them in the proper direction. In this latter field his whole character was unfolded, in the motivation of his students, in the realization that their true and long future was ahead of them and that future was cast by him in so many cases.

All of his accomplishments were completed in the too short span of his life, forty-six years. Much of the good that this great teacher accomplished will remain forever in the memories of those who benefited by his wise counseling. He was a molder of character in the young people. His greatness and his goodness of character will never be forgotten by the writer of this epitaph.

THE MELROSE HIGH SCHOOL PERMANENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND congratulates you upon receiving this Memorial Scholarship. The founders of this scholarship will always be interested in your plans and progress.




Franklin W. Gavigan Memorial Scholarship

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