The Mary E. Driscoll Memorial Scholarship

The Mary E. Driscoll Memorial Scholarship was established in the early ’80’s.

Mary  was an office secretary in Westfield, Ma and met her husband when he came to a summer house she was visiting in the western part of MA selling magazines. He turned out to be a great salesman and did well selling silverware. So much so that he was transferred to Glendale Calif and the family (now 6 children) traveled there through the Panama Canal. He lost all of his money in the Depression and limped home in an old Packard van with a small trailer with food. This trip was now with 8 children. He settled in Melrose because of a boyhood friend from Holyoke who lived there and he wanted to live close to Boston to make his new fortune. That never happened but they did have two more children – Jack and David.

Kay,  the oldest sister graduated from Glendale HS in California but the rest of the siblings – that would be 9 – graduated from Melrose High School. They went on to have 43 grandchildren and 76 great grandchildren many of whom also graduated from MHS. In fact, there are great grandchildren and great great grandchildren in the system today.  

Mary E. Driscoll Memorial Scholarship

Student who comes from a large family of children.

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