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THE NORMAN A. GRAF MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP which you have received this year was established in 1979 by the East Council, Patriot Chapter of the Telephone Pioneers of America.

Mr. Graf was a resident of Melrose from 1940 to 1976. Along with his wife, Virginia, his family included four children, David, Laura, Roger and Barbara, all of whom graduated from Melrose High School.

For 32 years, Mr. Graf was an employee of the New England Telephone Company, and for 11 of those years he was a member of the Telephone Pioneers. Shortly after becoming a member of the Pioneers, Mr. Graf became involved with their Christmas Salvation Army Toy Project. This involved collecting donations of used toys that he and his committee repaired, painted and refurbished. These toys were then given to the Salvation Army for the distribution to needy children at Christmas time. Although it involved many hours of hard work, Mr. Graf was very dedicated to this task and found it more than enjoyable thinking of the pleasure it would give the children.

During his Lifetime, Mt. Graf was also involved in several other interests which included being active at the Melrose Highlands Congregational Church, It was there that he served for many years as a deacon and as Chairman of the House Committee. He also belonged to the Wyoming Lodge of Freemasons serving as Worshipful Master and as Secretary of the Wyoming Lodge. In addition, Mr, Graf also headed a Boy Scout Troop in Melrose for several years.

Throughout his Life, Mr. Graf demonstrated both an interest and devotion towards these charitable, religious and social activities, and by so doing he was viewed by those who knew him as a caring and compassionate man.

Therefore, this scholarship has been awarded to you this year as a Living tribute to Norman A. Graf and the generosity and kindness he so frequently displayed.

THE MELROSE HIGH SCHOOL PERMANENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND congratulates you upon receiving this memorial scholarship. The founders of this scholarship will always be interested in your plans and progress.