Melrose High School Permanent Scholarship Fund

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THE PAUL W. DALY, JR. MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP which you have received this year was established in 1979 when his parents, Mr. & Mrs, Paul W. Daly, his friends and relatives decided to perpetuate his memory with a permanent memorial scholarship fund.

Paul was 17 years old and a senior at Melrose High School when he passed away in an automobile accident. He had Lived in Melrose with his closely knit family and had attended the Ripley Elementary School before going on to Melrose High.

During his Lifetime, Paul developed interests in
baseball, bicycle riding, football with his friends, and he also enjoyed frisbee. Spending time in New Hampshire with his grandfather doing carpentry work was one of Paul’s special pastimes, He mother recalls that Paul had been going away to New Hampshire every Summer since he was a baby, and he enjoyed being there with his grandparents, Mr. & Mrs, ALbert Daly. The Summer of 1977 was Paul’s great experience says his mother, It was then that his two great uncles, Albert J. Day and James Megyesy took him and his two cousins on a trip across the country.

“My son was vibrant and most of all good natured,”
reflects Mrs. Daly. “He had many goals in Life, but unfortunately was not with us Long enough to decide on them, We all miss Paul very much, even Duff his dog, but we are grateful and thankful for all the Laughs, Love and happiness he gave us when we had him.”

This scholarship that has been awarded to you this year is a Living tribute to the memory of Paul W. Daly, Jr.

THE MELROSE HIGH SCHOOL PERMANENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND congratulates you upon receiving this memorial Scholarship. The founders of this scholarship will always be interested in your plans and progress.