Redento R. and Doris J.DeAmicis Scholarship


The son of modestly educated parents, Redento R. DeAmicis immigrated to the United States as an infant. Education became key to his ability to attain the American dream. Armed with an Engineering degree, followed by an MBA in finance, he enjoyed a long and successful career at General Electric. After retiring from General Electric, he established a retail business, which he ran until his death.

Doris J. DeAmicis was the first in her family to attend college. She often reflected on the fortuitousness of her decision to attend college. She became a teacher, then stepped back from her profession to raise her family. Not only was she a strong supporter of education, she was emphatic that boys and girls both have equal challenge and opportunity to compete and achieve.

Redento and Doris inspired a love of learning among their four children and impressed upon them the intrinsic value of education.

This scholarship is in loving memory.