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Roy Vaughan
Roy Vaughan

THE ROY VAUGHAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP which you have received this year was established in 1965 by his mother, Dorothy MacRobert Vaughan; his sister, Patricia Vaughan Young; his father, Benjamin Roy Vaughan, Jr.; other friends and high school classmates.

Roy was born and Lived in Melrose all his life, He especially enjoyed the outdoors particularly golf, swimming and sailing as well as the quieter challenge of chess and the fun of movies.

Although the nature of his illness became apparent during his freshman year, Roy was determined to complete high school and perhaps attend college. He participated in the activities of the MHS Debating Club, the First Baptist Church and its BYF group. However, as time passed his active outside interests were diminished and eventually full-time attendance at Melrose High School. A tutor, Mrs. Blair Wilson, of the Melrose School System, continued his learning at home or in the hospital for two and one-half years.

Roy was posthumously awarded his high school diploma in June, 1965 when his class graduated.

Qualities which Roy demonstrated that sustained him and influenced his family and friends were: a lively curiosity, an ironic humor and quiet courage.

Therefore, this scholarship that has been awarded to you this year is a living tribute to Benjamin Roy Vaughan III, class of 1965.

THE MELROSE HIGH SCHOOL PERMANENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND congratulates you upon receiving this memorial scholarship. The founders of this scholarship will always be interested in your plans and progress.



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Roy Vaughan Memorial Scholarship

To a student for any advanced education including Nursing, Fine Arts, or Business Technical School

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Specifics: Nursing, Fine Arts, Business Technical School

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