“He showed sensitivity to each of the individuals with whom he came in contact. We will remember his kindness, sense of humor, love of nature and genuine interest in the increased well being of each person who entered his life.”
-M.H.S. Yearbook, June 1981

The William J. Reynolds Permanent Memorial memorializes a man who was involved in life, people, love and helping others. An outstanding and respected educator at Melrose High School, his students were his prime concern

Bill attended Springfield College, served in the U.S. Marine Corp and returned to Boston University
where he received his Master’s Degree in Health Education. He started teaching in Melrose in 1960 as a physical education teacher. He coached gymnastics, football, was an athletic trainer and then became very active in the High School health program where one of his major accomplishments as a drug counselor for youth became a reality. He developed a curriculum for Kindergarten through grade twelve on this subject.

At the time of his early death at the age of 46, he was also a golf coach. This multi-talented man had many interests including nature photography, mountain climbing as well as being a talented magician. Using the latter professional talent he entertained many people at clubs and parties as well as putting on shows for children.

“Bill was a giving sort of person”, his wife Lee said of him with obvious love and pride. ”Another of his abilities was as a carpenter, doing woodworking and making cabinets, a trade he learned from his father’, commented Mrs. Reynolds.

Bill Reynolds’ family includes his wife, Lee and daughters, Amy and Cathy. He was a member of the Chelmsford School Committee and subsequently became Chairman.

When Bill passed away a number of different groups decided to memorialize him with a permanent scholarship fund. The Melrose High School Permanent Scholarship Fund Committee is proud to be the executor of this meaningful memorial fund which will in its own way continue to help the students that Bill was so fond of.

William J. Reynolds Memorial Scholarship

Preference to a member of the Golf Team.

Category: Sport, All

Specifics: Golf

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