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Robert Paul Babbitt Scholarship    Preference to a former Horace Mann Student  Affiliation 
Coach Paul M. Bean Scholarship*    A preference for a student who has exhibited the traits that made Mr. Bean special: kindness, humility, athleticism, and a dedication to furthering the education of others. Special preference for students intending to enroll at either Springfield College or Boston University.  Affiliation, Personal Traits 
Beebe School Parent Teacher Organization    To be awarded to a former Beebe School student  Affiliation 
Class of 1962 Scholarship    Awarded to a student with a connection to the class of 1962.  Affiliation 
Kappa Delta Psi Scholarship*    Priority should be given to a student who is a relative of a member of Kappa Delta Psi but if there is no such applicant, preference should be given to a student who has exhibited exemplary volunteer service within the Melrose community (one award).  Affiliation, Personal Traits, Service 
Colleen M. Kelly (Class of 2009) Memorial Scholarship Fund*    The recipient must be an Honors or AP English student with a passion for literature. Preference to be given to a student attending a state college.  Academic Achievement, Passion, Affiliation 
Lincoln School - Ray Tobin Memorial Scholarship    Award to former Lincoln School student  Affiliation 
Mike Mahon Community College Annual Scholarships    Preference to a student planning to attend community college  Affiliation 
Michael Mahon Scholarship    Preference to students matriculating at a technical school; such as Wentworth Institute of Technology or Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology or a comparable technical school.  Affiliation 
Mount Hood Inner Club Scholarship    Preference to an individual who has been a Junior Member or a summer employee at Mt. Hood Golf Course  Affiliation 
Phi Theta XI Sorority    Preference to a son or daughter of a Theta member  Affiliation 
June A. Rich Memorial Scholarship*    Award to a graduate of Winthrop School  Affiliation 
Ripley School PTO Devin Sullivan Memorial Scholarship    Preference to a graduate of the Ripley School  Affiliation 
Thelma Wright Scholarship    It is strongly preferred that the student is planning to pursue a career as a guidance counselor. Second choice would be a student planning to pursue a career as a teacher.  Affiliation 
James S. Yeaton Memorial Scholarship    Scholarships to be awarded to Mr. Yeaton's former 5th grade Winthrop Elementary students until 2028. If not feasible, at the discretion of the awarding committee.  Affiliation 

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