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James F. Buchert Memorial Scholarship*    Good student/role model who participated in baseball or softball.  Academic Achievement, Personal Traits, Sport 
Lt. James Gable Dunton Memorial Scholarship    Male student who is a recognized member of the Honor Society and is active in school extra curricular activities and community activities  Academic Achievement, Extra Curricular, Community, Gender 
Muriel H. Edwards Memorial Scholarship    Preference given to a student who has maximized the fulfillment of his or her potential for academic achievement by extraordinary effort and dedication.  Academic Achievement 
Melissa Gillis Memorial Scholarship*    Preference to a student interested in pursuing the sciences as their area of study in college, the student should be in the top 10% of their class and the student should be involved in varsity sports and/or the yearbook. If a student cannot fill the above criteria, please choose a student who fills at least two of the criteria  Academic Achievement, Career, Sport, Extra Curricular 
Colleen M. Kelly (Class of 2009) Memorial Scholarship Fund*    The recipient must be an Honors or AP English student with a passion for literature. Preference to be given to a student attending a state college.  Academic Achievement, Passion, Affiliation 
Robert F. Lucas Esquire Memorial Scholarship    Preference to a student going into the practice of law and/or public service and it should be given on merit  Career, Academic Achievement 
Beth A. Lucien Scholarship*    Preference to a student who shows strong empathy to others, achieves academic excellence, participates in multiple sports, or who may need financial assistance.  Personal Traits, Academic Achievement, Sport, Financial 
Joan Moore Memorial Scholarship*    Preference to a woman. Select a graduating senior of Melrose High School who has demonstrated outstanding ability in the field of history and/or government.  Gender, Academic Achievement 
Matthew C. Schille Memorial Scholarship    Preference to a male or female with a 3.0 or better GPA who played hockey or field hockey or baseball or softball or a hockey cheerleader. If that cannot be fulfilled, then preference to a student fitting the above criteria with an interest in art  Sport, Academic Achievement, Interest in Art 
David J. Wasdyke Memorial Scholarship    Preference to a student in top 10% of class academically or to a student participating in Hockey or Golf  Academic Achievement, Sport 

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