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Lt. James Gable Dunton Memorial Scholarship    Male student who is a recognized member of the Honor Society and is active in school extra curricular activities and community activities  Academic Achievement, Extra Curricular, Community, Gender 
George A. McPheters Memorial Scholarship    Award to a student who played an important role or part in the community.  Community 
Carol & Bob Messenger Scholarship    Preference to a student active in the community, involved in sports and arts, and demonstrates school spirit  Community, Sport, Arts, Enthusiasm for School 
Milano Family Scholarship    Preference to a student pursuing studies in political science or to a student who is a strong supporter of Melrose and contributing to the Melrose community  Career, Community 
Jane Miliotis Scholarship    Preference to a student who is civic minded and active in community affairs  Personal Traits, Community 
Michael J. Noone Scholarship*    Preference to a student who will pursue studies in history, economics, global studies or a field that focuses on improving the lives of others. The student should be a person who has been a positive member of the Melrose community and who has persevered when they have been met with obstacles in life.  Career, Personal Traits, Community 
Steven H. Parker Scholarship Fund    Preference to a student planning a career in journalism and who has taken leadership roles in the student media at MHS or in the community.  Journalism, Personal Traits, Community 
James A. Shanahan Memorial Scholarship*    Preference to a student who has participated in varsity sports, will be attending college, and is in need of scholarship assistance. The recipient shall have exhibited sportsmanship in varsity athletics and exhibited leadership and good citizenship in school and in the community. $500 to a female and $500 to a male. For the female, preference given in order to a member of the girls varsity basketball team, then to the varsity girls field hockey team. For the male, preference given to a member of the varsity boys baseball team, then to the football team  Sport, Need, Personal Traits, Community 
Virginia Shaw Scholarship*    To be awarded to a female student who is civic minded as demonstrated by their community service in making an impact to the community in making it a better place. Student should exemplify someone who has "quietly shown care for others.  Financial, Gender, Community, Personal Traits 
Danny Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund*    The stipulation is that the scholarship be given to a student who has faced adversity and come through it shining. To be given to a senior who is an all around great kid and who is involved in the MHS community. Consideration can be given to a student who played baseball, golf or band, but the "all around great kid" is the priority.  Personal Traits, Sport, Community 

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