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Robert P. Davey Jr. Scholarship    Preference to a student that has worked hard.   
Frank DeGiacomo Memorial Scholarship*    Preference given to a student who has distinguished himself/herself as an outstanding member of the Melrose High School Band and has been recommended by the band director and thereafter to a person who intends pursuing a career in fields associated with music or the arts.  Achievement, Career 
Redento and Doris DeAmicis Memorial Scholarship Fund       
Tracy W. Decker Memorial Scholarship       
A. Imrie Dixon Memorial Scholarship       
George and Neta Doherty Memorial Scholarship       
George F. Donegan Memorial Scholarship       
Mary E. Driscoll Memorial Scholarship*    Student who comes from a large family of children.  Family 
Lt. James Gable Dunton Memorial Scholarship    Male student who is a recognized member of the Honor Society and is active in school extra curricular activities and community activities  Academic Achievement, Extra Curricular, Community, Gender 

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