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Scholarship Fund Names

Robert Paul Babbitt Scholarship    Preference to a former Horace Mann Student  Affiliation 
Dr. Robert E. Bachelder Scholarship    Preference to a student pursuing studies in music  Study 
Coach Paul M. Bean Scholarship*    A preference for a student who has exhibited the traits that made Mr. Bean special: kindness, humility, athleticism, and a dedication to furthering the education of others. Special preference for students intending to enroll at either Springfield College or Boston University.  Affiliation, Personal Traits 
Randall Clarke Bean Memorial Scholarship    Do not award to a student receiving other scholarships based on high scholastic achievements or to a student receiving athletic scholarships. Consideration to a student who has potential but may not have achieved results yet  Personal Traits, Restrictions 
Courtney Elyse Beauchesne Memorial Scholarship Fund*    Scholarship is awarded to a candidate who has lost a parent or sibling or has an ill parent at home.  Hardship 
Beebe School Parent Teacher Organization    To be awarded to a former Beebe School student  Affiliation 
Pvt. David A. Bingham USMC Memorial Scholarship    Preference to a girl preparing for a Nursing career  Career, Gender 
Melrose Fish & Game Chris Bourque Memorial Scholarship*    Preference to a student who has focused on the arts during high school, and is planning on continuing to pursue education in the arts, music, theater or painting  Interest, Career 
Arthur W. Brewster Scholarship       
Effie S. Brown Memorial Scholarship       
James F. Buchert Memorial Scholarship*    Good student/role model who participated in baseball or softball.  Academic Achievement, Personal Traits, Sport 

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