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Franklin W. Gavigan Memorial Scholarship       
General Committee Scholarship       
Melissa Gillis Memorial Scholarship*    Preference to a student interested in pursuing the sciences as their area of study in college, the student should be in the top 10% of their class and the student should be involved in varsity sports and/or the yearbook. If a student cannot fill the above criteria, please choose a student who fills at least two of the criteria  Academic Achievement, Career, Sport, Extra Curricular 
Edwina Goudey Memorial Scholarship       
June A. Graham Memorial Track Scholarship*    Preference a girl (not a boy) who has participated in track and field or cross country for a minimum of two years. This person would not necessarily be the most outstanding athlete or student, but she would possess the qualities of dedication, desire, self discipline and sportsmanship both on and off the field and in the classroom. Do not award to a male.  Gender, Sport, Personal Traits 
Joseph and Mary Spinale & George Grandolfi Memorial Sports Scholarship    Preference to a student who has excelled in sports.  Sport Achievement 
Deb Hadden Gray Scholarship    Preference for a student demonstrating exemplary character and work ethic  Personal Traits 
Pauline L. Grimes Memorial Scholarship    To a student pursuing a career in the medical field  Career 
Lt. Stephen A. Groark Memorial Scholarship       
Lester and Walter Grocott Scholarship       
Andrea Gurard-Levin MHS Boys Soccer Scholarship    Boys soccer player  Gender, Sport 

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