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The MHS Permanent Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund Names

Brian D. MacPhee Scholarship*    Personal Traits, Community Involvement 
Carol & Bob Messenger Scholarship    Community, Sport, Arts, Enthusiasm for School, All 
Charles C. Cliff McDonald Scholarship    Sport, Personal Traits, All 
Christina L. McDevitt Memorial Scholarship*    All 
Daniel Miller Kindness Scholarship*    Personal Traits, Need, All 
Doug and Michael Marcotti Family Fund    Academic, All 
Dr. William Marcoux Memorial Scholarship*    All 
Friends of Melrose METCO 2024 Scholarship*    All 
George A. McPheters Memorial Scholarship*    Community, All 
Hazel and David Mirabassi Scholarship Fund    All 
Henry A. Mahoney Memorial Scholarship    All 
Jane Miliotis Scholarship    Personal Traits, Community, All 
Jeffrey C. Madden Memorial Scholarship    All 
Joan Moore Memorial Scholarship*    Gender, Academic Achievement, All 
Judith A. Maccario Memorial Scholarship    Career, All 
Mabel L. Merrill Memorial Scholarship    All 
Mayers Family Scholarship    All 
Melrose Grange No.331 P.O.H.    All 
Melrose Lodge of Elks    All 
Melrose Sharing & Caring / Elinor T. Gately Memorial Scholarship    Academic, All 
Michael Mahon Scholarship    Affiliation, All 
Mike Mahon Community College Annual Scholarships    Affiliation, All 
Milano Family Scholarship    Career, Community, All 
Mount Hood Inner Club Scholarship    Affiliation, All 
Patricia Ball McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship*    Career, All 
Paul J. Markelionis Scholarship    All 
Rebecca Lynn Mockler Memorial Scholarship Fund    All 
Robert F. Malone Memorial Scholarship    All 
Stephen N. Monroe Memorial Scholarship*    All 

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