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David J. Wasdyke Memorial Scholarship    Preference to a student in top 10% of class academically or to a student participating in Hockey or Golf  Academic Achievement, Sport 
Howard B. Wilder Memorial Scholarship       
Danny Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund*    The stipulation is that the scholarship be given to a student who has faced adversity and come through it shining. To be given to a senior who is an all around great kid and who is involved in the MHS community. Consideration can be given to a student who played baseball, golf or band, but the "all around great kid" is the priority.  Personal Traits, Sport, Community 
Keith L. Willwerth Memorial Scholarship       
Woodmen Of The World Lodge #216 Scholarship       
Thelma Wright Scholarship    It is strongly preferred that the student is planning to pursue a career as a guidance counselor. Second choice would be a student planning to pursue a career as a teacher.  Affiliation 

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