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Scholarship Fund Names

George Q. Packard, III Memorial Scholarship       
Anthony J. and Mary T. Pagano Scholarship    Preference to a student who has a sincere interest in History and will matriculate to an institution of higher learning  Interest 
Christopher D. Palmer Memorial Scholarship       
Steven H. Parker Scholarship Fund    Preference to a student planning a career in journalism and who has taken leadership roles in the student media at MHS or in the community.  Journalism, Personal Traits, Community 
Daria Elise Pearlman Memorial Scholarship Fund*    Preference to a student entering the field of education  Career 
Mark C. Peavey Memorial Scholarship       
Cheryl Pescatore Memorial Scholarship       
Dr. Ernest Petruccelli Scholarship       
Phi Theta XI Sorority    Preference to a son or daughter of a Theta member  Affiliation 
Rick Pierce Memorial Scholarship    Preference to a student who has excelled in the sport of volleyball - if not an established sport, then a student who has excelled in running or track events  Sport Achievement 
Pond Feilde Club Scholarship       
Harold W. Poole Memorial Scholarship    Preference to a student who participated in Football or Hockey  Sport 
Gil Priestley Memorial Scholarship    Preference to student who has participated in varsity girls sports of field hockey or softball or boys varsity hockey, baseball or football, will be attending college and who may be in need of scholarship assistance. The student shall have demonstrated persistence in training, honesty and integrity.  Sport, Personal Traits 

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