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Frances S. Hall Memorial Scholarship*       
John P. Haughn Memorial Scholarship    Preference to student planning to further their education in the writing aspect of communications by pursuing a major in the creative arts such as writing, journalism, communications, art, or music. Student should display traits of integrity and honesty with no ego.  Career, Personal Traits 
Richard L. Hildreth Memorial Scholarship    Award to a student in the senior class who possesses outstanding qualities of service to the community, responsible citizenship, and enthusiasm and loyalty to the American Way of Life.  Personal Traits 
Dr. Elizabeth Hirst Memorial Scholarship       
Frank D. Hislop And Beatrice M. Hislop Memorial Scholarship       
Dorothy Hosmer Parker Memorial Scholarship    Preference to a student pursuing study in commercial arts or performing arts  Career 
Henry W. Hughes Memorial Scholarship    Member of the High School Hockey Team  Sport 
John Michael Hughes Scholarship Fund       

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